God's world

27 jun. 2011

Task Number 4

home design

My home has a living room, three bedrooms, bathroom, garage, porch, backyard, in the same living room is the dining room and common kitchen.

This is my place in my home?

is my bedroom because in that place ... because all the time, for anything, I'm always in my bedroom.

through eating, playing, studying, almost everything I do in my bedroom.

I have my computer there, which is next to my bed! thing I do all the time play, chat or study ... My TV is in front of my bed (so I'm more comfortable in my bedroom), my chair is under my computer (unless using) my computer sound is on the right pc my pc .. . I have my ceiling lamp by Ensim my pc, air conditioning is diagonal to my bed and in front of my pc all 'all off for my pc and my accord' I have a fan when the air is at rest, my closet is about to under my TV and my other closet is on the left of my television. and I'm always working out or I'm playing, studying among other things ... by Ensim my bed I have a hoop basketball player to hang out and unwind.

Task Number 3

My Person and My Dad

In honor of my father

The current paper is to project yourself
My sincere thanks for being,
A parent invaluable
And more than a father,
A friend.
Helping to overcome the most painful situations in my life
And celebrating with me, the best moments
Giving me your helping hand, your eyes of understanding, and your feeling of acceptance.
And just to be there.
Trying to make everything much easier for me.
Giving it your best for me.
And I want you to know this special day that I give you my best,
I want you to know that you
The best human being exists,
The best father, has never been seen,
The best defender I've ever had
The best friend of my life
Thank you for being so understanding.
And try to enter my world.
I love you, I appreciate and respect you.
To the best dad in the world, from your best fan ATT: your son
Juan Carlos

Task Number 2

Poem for my Mom! God rest his soul

My Mom and My Person

He suffered the day.
Night's rest,
Lavabas muttering the cares and baked
Watering the gardens that were leaving ...
Walking in the street you ecstatic
And your eyes sought the meeting
From the people that friend of his stories
And shaking your arms.
I walked with you still happy
The sermon that told me your lips,
The words were never heard
And how strange after your departure.
Commandment was strong woman
Reflected by mountains and fears
Prayers, prayer, misunderstandings ...
And that,
I thought of my morning
In my happy hours of destiny
That dreaming alone,
What will become of her, without ever saying anything.
That charge me that baby in your arms
Suffering in my smooth flesh,
Which gives me kisses,
His touch, his hugs.
It think all day.
It was my love and my dear
My anguish, my joy,
The aroma that permeates the life I
Aromas giving me that smile.
And I giving bones to suffer.
In it I think every day as a sigh,
As a bird on a long flight
Shattered ... we leave the nest



24 may. 2011

Task Number 1


My favorite day is Christmas
I love their ornaments because the family together and fills us with joy to everyone.

Also for their meals as hallacas, bread, ham, chicken salad, and more.

And the personal is my favorite day because I really enjoy all my family.

This is my day to day:


 Monday to Friday:

    -I get up I shower, I clean the mouth, and going to study in URBE ... I do that 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

    -Then from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm I'm on my pc, while lunch and study materials for my review ...

    -4:00 pm to 7:00 pm I'm playing Soccer...

    -And then 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, I'm on my pc chatting and playing a bit and get ready for my next day, I shower, eat dinner, Watch TV, and I sleep zZz zZz.


     -I do the same except I'm not going to study in the URBE but go to a course q maintenance and repair of computers in TAMANACO.


     -I do not do much housework and rest a lot and watch TV and sleep.

16 may. 2011

Welcome: My info

Hello! in this blogs will tell you a little about me
* My full name is Juan Carlos Aponte Méndez.
* I live in Venezuela in Zulia, Maracaibo City I am in my second quarter in Computer Engineering.

I have 18, and in my 18 years I have 12 years practicing martial arts, 3 years as an Instructor of Salsa Casino. I graduated from high school in the educational unit Maria Anastasia Marquez, and leveled at the Academy of Salsa Casino de Son Cubano.

I am arisen I deem the race that I  like at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE). I'm doing a course in Computer Maintenance and Repair in Tamanaco.

Ω-----This is me, And the Academy where I graduated as an Instructor-----Ω

* What I like:

- Electronic and Rock Music, I do not dance I do the Dance, Iniesta call me by the way I Play Football, I like to Drive and handles all personal watercraft, stay current on technology, I love to meet my Family and play with them.

* What I like to eat it:

- Pizza, The cheese, Burgers, Hot Dogs, The soup that my family prepares, Among others.

* My dreams are:

- Graduating in Computer Engineering, Be a better person, Keep improving every day my style of dancing, Among other things

* I think better in English:

- First of all extend my knowledge in English but above all to improve the pronunciation of words q is more difficult for me.
- And the question as I do?
pss ... read more, asking more in classes, singing, watching more videos of pronunciation in conversation, among other methods.